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The ancient art of bellydance has been a  SACRED ART form of  nomads the world over since time began. Current forms are resplendent with remaining vestiges of the lives of the dancers who danced before.  The whole world of dance, in all its current forms, grew out of ancient forms of bellydance as practiced by the tribes of India who were traveling musicians and dancers.  Thus todays bellydance echoes through time, as well as throughout the modern world, in an art form and a community of  strong  people, united by their art. Because many in this community are strong women who respect and love their own female natures, the nature of the bellydance community is a female network which upholds and enhances the individuals who comprise it. Many men do dance and many musicans who are men play music for us and are praised for helping to create this art form of  modern/ancient bellydance. My costumes are designed to encourage women to love their bodies.  I know how hard that is.
Music is  a key element in bellydance and most dancers are also musicians because most learn to play Zils as an important part of their training.  The many rhythms of la dance oriental are taught along with traditional movements of the hips, belly, torso, chest and head as well as the movements of legs and arms, hands and feet.  The music guides the dancer into the vocabulary of movement that is right for it.  Thus the musicians and dancers become co-creators of the dance, for each can change a dance or piece by changing their movement or tempo of the music...
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LIONS PRIDE my Rasta,Reggae, and Rroma page
The Rroma  people of the earth are one of the most downpressed people anywhere and deserve and receive support from all other groups, especially Rastas.  We Rastas have a cultural heritage, just like all other people on the planet, that is heavily indebted to Rroma culture.  Rastas have the philosophy of One Mind, One Heart that is inclusive of groups such as Rroma.  Give thanks and praises to both cultures for making the earth a better place.   
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A satisfied customer recently emailed me upon receiving her silk circle skirt, silk pantaloons, silk choli and silk veil:  " Everything is glorious! Bless you.  Now I have to keep dancing."  Another said of her vest, "It's a perfect fit." Another customer said, "My veil is perfect and its the only one like it, its mine."  
-- What my customers say and feel is what makes me love my work, aside from the joy of creation.   
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Washable Silk costumes
 Photos of the Gypsy Queen troup in the silk costumes I designed just for them.       I will work with your troup to design and create  your troupe custom costume.     
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