Fabrics and Colors
Silk, China Silk(light, flowing, floats),      Silk chiffon(light, sheer, drapes),            Silk brocade(medium, woven pattern,)
Silk is hand tye dyed, washable, preshrunk and can be  Green, green/blue, purple, purple/blue, red, red/pink/yellow, gold, bronze, copper, orange, rust, purple/copper/gold, burgundy, teal, turqoise, blue, indigo, email me if you have a request.
Cotton, woven cotton blends, 100%cotton,  predyed solid colors
Purple, red, fuschia, green, blue, bugundy, gold, orange, teal, white
Hand dyed washable 100% Cotton:                                                                    
Same colors as Silk above
Taffeta, poly, light weght, very soft, a bit shiney. Very pretty.
Black,Teal, gold, red scarlet, burgundy, fushcia, royal, white
knit cotton (stretch, medium weight, very soft, washable, preshrunk)
gauze cotton (very light, sheer, fluid, drapey)