Theora's Bellydance Boutique
I love troups.  I love creating costumes for troupes.  My favorite troup is Alegra's Gypsy Queens.  These are photos of Alegra's Gypsy Queen Troup of Tokyo, Japan, dancing in the custom silk costumes I created just for them.  14 ladies dancing in individually hand dyed custom costumes designed and created by Theora of Theora's Bellydance Boutique.
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Silk Costumes I love to make troup costumes
How to Order  troup custom costumes
Alegra performing in the  copper/purple SILK custom costume that I created just for her. Visit  Alegra's GYPSY QUEEN  WEBSITE to learn more about her and her troupe.    Alegra teaches and offers free workshops to give the bellydance experience to as many women as possible.  She has the rare combination of beauty, brains, creativity, endurance and generosity of spirit that makes her a great teacher and performer.
Some of Alegra's Gypsy Queens Performing in Tokyo in their  custom silk costumes  from Theora's Bellydance Boutique.  You can see the costume  in red/black, copper, blue purple, ....
Gypsy Queen's silk costume from Theora's Bellydance Boutique               in beautiful shades of copper/gold/orange.  Each dancer adds her own embelishments.
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Gypsy Queens dancing in their silk custom costumes with veils flying
Gypsy Queens all dancing together.  Fuchsia costumes in the front.
All the Gypsy Queens dancing together.  You can see one of their drummers in the back.  You can see the colors of hand dyed silk and how they all work on stage together ... so vibrant!  Lovely dancers in copper, teal, purple, red, fuchsia, ..... Alegra zills to the drum her husband plays for the dance.
Photos of Alegra's troup, The Gypsy Queens,  by Teresa Neilson Trevor of Impact Images Teresa does her magic in Japan, HongKong, etc at bellydance festivals.  contact her at