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Bali Sari costume $99.00 
an imported  Sari from Bali  in purple(shown),
or green, or turquois .
Includes bra,belt,pants,skirt, top.
sizes  xsm,sm,med, lrg,extra large
Sari Costume $175.00,( shown below in burgundy/hunter/gold ) Includes belt, choli, pantaloons and skirt (not shown) Every sari is different,  I have saris like this and green,red/green/gold,cobalt blue, red, dark blue, some are printed and some are solid with woven boarders. I can email a picture of the sari to you.....
Sequins allover (right) this bra $30, belt $35, and slit skirt $55.
Order all three for complete costume and add silk chiffon pantaloons $35
and 3 yard veil $45.
SARI COSTUMES,  a custom costume just for you from an India import sari similar to the ones pictured  on this page. . Some saris are sheer embroidered  and some are  silk or silk blend.  The sheer ones are like the green/red, purple/gold, purple (bali).  The printed silk ones are shown extreme right of this page.  
I can create the custom costume you want.  
They cost between $100 and $500 Let me know your price range and favorite colors and I'll find the perfect sari for you
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Lovely dark red rayon/silk hand dyed custom costume. $115.00 (left)  Rayon paisley sparkles in slit skirt, bra and fringe belt included.
  Also available:  Dyed to match sheer silk chiffon pantaloons $30, gypsy choli top $30 and
3 yard silk veil $45
Can be dyed in any color you wish..
everyone is a star
THREE styles of sari costumes... (Above) shown in green/red sheer embroidered sari $250.00 Gypsy choli, pantaloons, skirt, bra, belt with rayon fringe.  (Right) shown in purple with gold embroidery $200.00
red/green with gold embroidery $145.00 Body Veil, skirt, bra, belt (pantaloons $35.00 brocade, $50.00 dyed to match sheer silk.)
Far Right  Tribal Choli style shown in hunter/maroon/gold $175.00. .
Silk Veils
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