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These gawazee dresses are descendents of the old north african traditional costume of a long, sheer white undershirt and a short tight fitting vest that acted as a bra.  It was cut to expose the woman's breasts (cultural differences exist in Africa that do allow women to have bare breasts in some circumstances.)  These were worn under long robes, with huge ballooning gathered pants which we now call harem pants.  Gawazee dresses are worn with coin bras and belts for a tribal look. 
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Tassle Belts
How to Order
Striped Ghawazee Dress $45 + $6 for shipping.  email me to order and for stripes I have now.  Some of the stripes are shown here.
Ghawazee Dress in Hand dyed Cotton $71 includes shipping in the USA 
 ghawazee dress
ghawazee dress
cotton stripe purple , green, cream, blue
tyedye cotton  ghawazee dress
tyedye cotton  ghawazee dress
Washable hand dyed SILK ghawazee dresses in sparkling silk chiffon.  Slightly sheer and sparkling with tiny gold threads in the silk chiffon.  Email me your size & color choice when you purchase.  Email me your questions
Washable cotton knit ghawazee dress in your size & color.    Email me your color choice when you purchase. 
SIZE: Bra size, inches around bicep & hip.
Washable hand dyed silk cut velvet ghawazee dress in blue purple or the color you want.  $99  in your size.  Email me to order yours today.  .
  Ghawazee Dresses &  Ghawazee Coats
Use this 'E-mail Me' button to  email me your questions and your size info, your color and sleeve & neck style choice.
Cotton Ghawazee Dress $46
  includes shipping in the USA
Ghawazee coats in cotton & silk :  email me for more info.
Ghawazee Coats
Silk ghawazee coat in gold shown with 2dresses & skirt for a layered look.
cotton ghawazee coat with buttons
cotton ghawazee coat with tie and split skirt
cotton knit ghawazee dress with sleeve drapes
stretch black VELVET ghawazee dress $65
includes shipping
silk chiffon ghawazee dress
silk chiffon ghawazee dress
Silk chiffon ghawazee dress $109
includes shipping in the USA
Silk ghawazee dress can have
V or U neck & any color, any size.  Email me yours when you purchase.
add $6 for shipping outside the USA
add $6 for shipping outside the USA
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for shipping outside the USA
We ship all over the world.
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velvet ghawazee dress
velvet ghawazee dress
ghawazee dress in your size   
Email me your SIZE: Bra size, inches around bicep & hip.
when you purchase
email me
email me
Cotton knit ghawazee dress can be ordered with angel wing sleeve or sleeve drape and with a U neck or V neck .  Colors are red, black, white.  Email me with your questions. 
SIZE:  bra size, inches around bicep & hip.