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Music Reviews
Children of Paradise:  Tribal Bellydance Rythms  This tape contains some of the most high energy tribal bellydance music I've ever danced to. The drumming is fast paced a varied so that dancing to it is easy and fun.  Each cut is different, as these knowlegeable and experienced musicians have enough tricks up their sleeves to give a larger vaiety of musical styles than most.  Various musical instruments accompany the drums and also add variety and texture.   It can be ordered by by emailing them, or going to their website by clicking the link above and ordering from them, or by  calling 1-503-235-6035                                                                                                            
Beneath The Veil by Zingaia: this is a work from the heart with gentle middle eastern rythms giving the beat of the heart and the soft sensuous voice of the chants gives verbal meaning to the emotion laden melodies.  I love to perform to this music and I practice to it frequently.   You can order it from Sequoia pob.280,Topanga, Calif. 90290 or call 1-800-524-5513
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Best pf Belly Dance From Turkey; Esin Engin Orkestrasi, This is my personal favorite for Turkish style bellydance ala Artimis or Eva Cernak.  I find the variety of styles of 9/8 very good for practice and improvisation in performance.  I like the emotional content of the melodies and the solidness and variety of the rhythm.  The sound is full and very pleasant to listen to without loosing any traditional qualities and you can easily do either turkish skirt dancing or turkish cabaret to a selection of the pieces.  ECUD 1309 is my favorite.  ECUD 1301 is another cd by the same people that I also like though not as well.  The one with the yellow costume is the best.  I think I got mine from Hasani in Washington state and I think it's also available from Peko at their web site.  If you see Hasani ask her for it and be sure to tell her I sent you. 
Please email me with your reviews of your favorites. Also, email me to link my site to yours and yours to mine.
Paradise Lost by Steve Kindler    This CD contains some of the most beautiful violin I have ever heard.  The cut I like to dance to is called "Prayer for Bosnia" and has wonderful gypsy violin along with trap set drums and tablas to create an east meets west sound that is very appealing for audiences.  People always comment on the beauty of the music when I perform to this one.  Other cuts are called Portal of Hunab Ku, Glass Houses, Half Moon Bay, A Life Like Love ...This very emotive music allows for much expression of emotion in your dance but is more east than middle east.  You have to try to order this from your nearest CD store which can be done by just calling them.
The Mystic Fiddle of the Proto Gypsies, Masters of Trance Music-- And there fore music for trance dance which I find very healing.  I use it as a form of meditation that throws away all concept of right and wrong and here and there like in a poem from Rumi or a mystic prayer for health and peace on earth and the two go hand in hand.  The music is largely created using an antique form of middle eastern violin.  Fans of Morroccos (the dancer from New York) will want to practice her forms of trance and cleansing dance to this one.  This one is from Shanachie whose web site is     Visit this site to purchase a variety of folk and reggae CDs.
Troup Americanistan at the WOW  - This is the group of local Eugene musicians whose live music I dance to regularly.  I have known them as individuals for years and collected them in various groupings to play for me at the bellydance performances I produced at the WOW  Hall. The hall was built by the old wobblys about 70 years ago and has wonderful acoustics and a floating wooden dance floor that is to die for.  This album comes in tape and cd and is available through my email.  The music covers every type of bellydance music , longa to 9/8 and all is very beautiful, performed by a group of the most talented musicians in the business.  Including flute, kanoon, violin and snaz,  avariety of drums and zills and  other instruments. Very lively and expressive.  

Links to bellydance sites
take5music, 2816 Rowena Ave.#1, Los Angeles, California 90039, brings you Noura & Bassem.  Oriental Bellydance music that is original, evocative, emotional with lyrical melodies that make dancing soooo easy, excellent drumming and a wide variety of musica styles from nile rock to drum solo to sultry veil dance to clasical cabaret style.  My new favorite!  You have to write to them for a copy as their site link does not work.