How to Order
3 Ways to Order   --  Please choose the one that is right for you.
1.  Paypal "Add to Shopping Cart" buttons  - free, safe, secure, easy
2.  Email Me to order.
3.  Money Order
You can use these buttons to order and pay for the item shown and described.  Click the button to use Paypal shopping cart.  You will receive information from Paypal guiding you through the sign up process. If the "shopping cart" buttons do NOT work for you, just email me to order what you want.  You can pay from your checking account or any credit card with Paypal.  You can visit Paypal to find out more about it by clicking this link: Paypal
To inquire about a special design just for you,   or for custom made orders , or just to ask me questions :  Click on "Email Me"   for an email form with my email address. Put the name of the item you want to order in your email and tell me what you want.   I will email you a PAYPAL invoice, for you to use to pay for your custom order, after you and I  have agreed on what you want to order and the price.
To pay for your item with a money order,   email me the name of the item you wish to order.  Tell me you want to pay with money order.  I will email you my snailmail address for you to mail your money order to. 
Your emails gladly answered.
Please email me if you have any questions about how to order, or pay for your item.  Or if you have questions about any costume item.
Black Gypsy Choli
Black Gypsy Choli
  When you order email me your size information. 
Bra size, inches around upper arm, arm length, hips hip to ankle.
If you are very short or very tall, height.
IF you have POP UP blocker,  it may block Paypal buttons!! You can turn it off while you shop, then turn it back on,
Wholesale Orders:  Email me if you are interested in ordering any items wholesale.  I can give you terms, prices, turnaround time, etc.  
email me
email me